Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Girl Clothes Are the Best!

When I first found out that we were having a girl, my first thoughts were to how much fun it would be to play dress up with her. Brian's first thought/fear, was what are we going to do when she's a teenager. On this one point, I think I definitely had the more positive outlook--usually it's reversed between the two of us.

My first thoughts were right--Bailey is like my little doll. The best days are on Sundays because baby girl dresses are the cutest things! There are days when she wears three outfits, just because I want to see her in everything. But Sundays are the best because to go along with her church dress, I usually make matching headbands for her to wear. I've searchd online for baby headbands, but they are way too big and way too expensive. So with some excellent advice and instructions from Sam, I began making headbands for all occasions.

Here are some of her recent Sunday outfits:

I love this outfit because I found ribbon that exactly matched the dress.She loves playing with her back pack and has this weird facisnation with straps of any kind--backpacks, car seats, high chairs, purses, etc.She looks so grown up in this outfit with her little sweater. I still sometimes have her wear a mini bow to church if I don't have enough time to make a bigger headband. My secret weapon with the mini bows is corn syrup (thanks again Sam for the insider secret). People are always amazed and shocked that I actually put that on her head. It works really well, and the bonus is that it tastes good when you have to get the bow off of her head!Here's her more casual look without the sweater.

Can you tell that I love dressing her up and taking pictures? I'm going to do it as long as she'll let me, which better be a long, long time. When I was younger I always used to dress up my sisters and take pictures of them. We have some really sweet shots of them in matching outfits and really nice make up (I'll have to work on scanning some of them to display). I guess I've always wanted to be a stylist/photographer deep down inside. Luckily, Bailey is too little to protest too much and she does have the cutest smile. I need to think of some new poses for her because sitting on our blue couch is going to be boring for every picture.


Hoy Family said...

Hey! I agree that Sundays are the best to dress babies/kids up! I love to put Ryan in his Sunday best :) But I have to agree also that girls are so much more fun to dress up!

kerimaemiller said...

i am so proud of you!! you put more pictures up!! little bailey looks like an oldwoman with that sweater on... i love that baby nugget

k N d kuNz said...

remember how i LOVE that turqouise dress! my goodness...she's getting huge!