Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Life of a Night Owl

I've always been a major night owl. I have always had a special talent for staying up all hours of the night. At slumber parties I would usually be the last one up and always ready to go tp a house in the wee hours of the morning. My talent has not elluded me in my old age and the holiday season provides many opportunities to display it. Every time I see a commercial for a store that is open until midnight for Christmas shopping, I automatically think that I'd like to go there around midnight to shop. Now I could just go much earlier when the regular people shop, but it's so much more of an adventure when you're there fifteen minutes before the store is going to close.

The store that has been enticing me lately is Kohls, so tonight I went at 10:30. The kids--Brian and Bailey--were ready for bed and fast asleep, so off I went! I was expecting to see more moms there who only have time to shop after their kids are asleep, but I was really the only one in the store. Another benefit of this late night shopping is the very personal one-on-one help you that's available if needed. I did not need it because I did not have a specific item I was looking for, but it felt good knowing that lots of help was near by. The other advantage of late night shopping (advantage to the store) is that the customers are very sleepy and more apt to make rash purchases (two Christmas outfits for Bailey) and sign up for the Kohls credit card (I did save 20%). Overall I'd say it was a very pleasant and successful shopping excursion. And now as I get ready to go to bed, I hope to find more midnight madness deals in the next weeks to come. Happy shopping!


Samantha said...

You know I'm not much of a shopper, but that sounds heavenly.

k N d kuNz said...

you so should have called a fellow nightowl! i'm always game just fyi. :)