Sunday, December 21, 2008

A First (and second) Time for Everything

So it happened this week--Bailey got sick! On Thursday as I was driving over to pick up Bailey I called Trish. She told me that she threw up, but that my sister Keri already came and got her. She said that she was just really tired, but okay. So as a first timer, I started asking Trish a million questions about what to do with a sick baby. I always ask Trish what to do with stuff with kids--she is an expert with four cute ones! Once I got to my mom's house, I felt prepared to see my sick, little baby. She was still in her car seat, just kind of chillin'. She gave me a tiny smile to say, "Hey mom." I picked her up and cuddled her. She seemed to be okay. I had been expecting this sickness to come since it had been going around my whole family--mom, sisters, cousins, brother. The good thing was that with everyone else is was a 24 hour flu. As I was sitting there talking to Bailey, she seemed to take a moment to think about things. I asked Tera if she could get me a towel because my mother's instincts told me that Bailey was about to ...yes, right as I said it, she did it. She didn't want to wait for a towel to throw up; she just let everything fly. She completely soaked herself from head to toe and she was wearing a cute, white Christmas onesie. I took her home and had a very sad and tired baby all night. She was just really mellow. I called in for a sub that night because I didn't know what she would be like; a sub on the last day before Christmas has to be very brave to cover a 7th grade class. On Friday, I woke up not knowing what I would find. Bailey had slept all night and woke up happy. She seemed okay, but I fed her a flu diet of bland food and little formula. We enjoyed our day off together and even went to take pictures with Santa.

Life went on as usual for Friday night and then most of the day today--UNTIL 9:00

We just got home from some hustle and bustle last minute shopping at the outlet mall. I had been on a search for one last present and the perfect outfit for Bailey to wear on Christmas day. Bailey was tired and hungry, so I fed her a bowl of food and then a half bottle. Thoughts of flu and puking were long gone from my head, although it was the first time that she had both food and bottle since her sickness. She ate everything happily. We were playing on the floor when she laid her head back to take a moment to think. I didn't think anything of it; I thought she was just sleepy. A few minutes later, she had an eruption to rival Mt. Saint Helen's. This time, she soaked herself and me. I was totally covered. Brian was in shock because he didn't witness the first time. I will say that it was quite amazing that that amount of liquid could come from her tiny body. Once Brian had Bailey and I slowly and carefully got up without touching too much, Bailey was back to normal--smiling and playing. I do not think that this puke was the flu, but merely some sort of gag reflex gone wild.

So now I can cross another one of those motherly experiences off of my list--puking baby.

I gave her a bath to clean her up. I also put her in her funny bunny towel. It is just like the pajamas from The Christmas Story, only in the towel form. Look how cute and clean she is:

Here's another funny picture from today:

She fell asleep while playing in her bouncy. Like any good mother, I took a picture before I got her out.

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