Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Coronado Christmas

A holiday tradition in Brian's family is to go down to Coronado to the Hotel Del. While there we look at the gigantic and beautiful Christmas tree and just walk around. It's been a new, fun tradition for me to take part of for the past few years. I just love being able to do things down on the beach in December; it always reminds me why I live in Southern California. This year Brian, Bailey, and I had to go down early to Coronado without the rest of Brian's brothers, but it was still a fun day. Here are some pictures from Sunday:Check out Bailey's red shoes. They are so cute and Christmasy! My mom and I just couldn't resist when we saw them last week.
Bailey and Brian. She wasn't too incredibly smiley on Sunday (which was weird for her) but this is one of her almost smiling.There was a beautiful sunset on Sunday.Bailey and Grandma Roxann.
The theme for the tree this year is Victorian decorations, so they had all sorts of old fashion looking decorations. This was the "best" shot of all three of us that we got. So it looks like I'll have to keep looking for a Christmas card picture.
Like I said, Bailey was not very smiley for the pictures outside, but the one thing she did smile for was the candy in the candy store. She could have been an advertisement for the store becuase she matched in her red and black. Even the ladies that worked at the store said that she should sit in the display window. I do love this outfit that she wore!
Bailey with Roxann and Dan (and her cute red shoes)
She loved the lights on the tree. Once we get ours up, I have a feeling she'll just sit there and stare at it all night. After I teach her not to grab at it.
Here are some of her almost smiling shots.
By the end of the day, she was ready to go home. I love it when she rubs her eyes; it is such an big kid thing to do. It was another fun year at the Hotel Del. I know that Bailey will like going there every year!


Aunt Nancy said...

I want to go to the Hotel Del too !
Bailey is a little angel and I miss her soooo much.I love you all and will talk to you soon !

Love, Aunt Nancy

Samantha said...

I love the second to last picture. She looks chubby-licious.

Hoy Family said...

Bailey is too dang cute!!! I've never been to Hotel Del Mar during Christmas time, but I think I will have to go this year :)

kerimaemiller said...

kaci... this is good! you are becoming a good blogger!! bailey is the cutest little nugget!!

Jennifer said...

SOO sweet. She truly is beautiful, taking after her mother. I need to see you soon, it's been way too long!

Celine + Cameron said...

Cameron and I have the same tradition :) I love the Hotel Del at Christmas!