Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun Stuff

First, really exciting news in my life is that my field hockey team was ranked 2nd in San Diego county this week. We had a bye today so we start CIF playoffs on Monday; we also just happen to play our major cross town rivals--Vista. It's going to be a big game since we've beaten them twice already this season. So go get 'em Longhorns!!!

Here are some much belated Halloween pictures of Bailey:

She was a cow, but I think she was the littlest longhorn. I didn't actually take any pictures on Halloween because she went to bed really early and I didn't want to wake her for a photo session. So these pictures are after one of my night field hockey games. This outfit is warm enough for a night game, but she can also be our tiny mascot. My field hockey team loved it!Here I posed her with a mini pumpkin so I can say that the pictures were Halloween pictures.She is so close to just crawling all over the place. She is still doing a funky army crawl, but she does get up on all fours sometimes and takes a few crawls forward.

I could have had her been little orphan Annie in this church dress:

Brian hates it when I take her pictures wearing the matching hat, but I just can't resist.

Here's a rare shot of the two of them actually sitting still next to each other and looking at the camera:

Here is Bailey on election day. She actually voted three times, but I could only find two of her stickers by the time I took this picture. She voted with Brian in the morning before he dropped her off with Aunt Toni. She then voted with Toni in the afternoon. When I picked her up after school, then she went and voted with me too. As you can see, she really liked voting!

I had a really funny voting story from this year. I picked up Bailey and then went to vote before my night field hockey game started, so I didn't have a lot of time. When I walked up to the poll--I voted on the campus of Cal State San Marcos--there were about 30-40 people in line. I did not have time to wait in that line and get everything done that I needed to before my game. So I waited and waited for about 10 minutes. A poll worker came out the back door and was talking to another voter who was waiting in line with me. She explained that the long line was due to the fact that there were no more English ballots and they would get more in about 20 minutes. She said that if she wanted, she could vote using a ballot in another language--Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, and something else. When their conversation was finished, I went up to speak to the worker. I asked her if I could vote in another language; she said yes, so I said let's go! I asked her if everything was the same and if they would be scanned the same just to make sure. She said yes. I told her I would like to vote in Spanish; all you really needed to know was the names of the people you were voting for and si and no. So I got my ballot en espanol and voted away. I asked if they had Spanish sticker, but I was out of luck. I was in and out in a few minutes. When I came out, everyone was still standing in the line. So Viva Voting!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It Does Happen

This morning I was determined to be on time to church. So far everything was going great. I took a shower; Brian took a shower and I fed Bailey. I wanted Bailey to be clean so I was getting ready to give her a bath. I did a quick clean of the tub and started to fill it. It was going to be a quick bath because it was nearing time to leave. We were going through our normal bath routine--clean face, clean body, play with the duck, splash around. I was on to washing the hair and singing my washing the hair song. I was making lots of bubbles on Bailey's head when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I thought, "Oh, the duck must be floating around the tub." I only wish it was the duck--it was a huge turd! I immediately called for Brian to come quick. He came in the room and started to gag, but I needed his help. I had a wet, slippery Bailey, with bubbly hair, hovering over the bath water that was rapidly becoming disgusting. So we somehow had to get the turd out, rinse Bailey off, and still be on time to church. Brian pushed aside his gagging and grabbed it out of the tub with a diaper. We then proceeded to drain the tub, but off course it couldn't happen fast enough. I put Bailey on the bed covered in suds. Once the tub was empty, I held her over the tub and Brian sprayed her off with the shower head. As I was holding Bailey, she also decided to go pee on me. She was very pleased with herself and started to laugh and smile. I just decided to go with the flow and laugh too. So needless to say, we were late for church this morning. I didn't get a picture of all the action, but here's what she wore to church today:

All she wanted to do with her shoes at church is eat them, so I let her once we got home.

I always hear these funny/gross mom stories that happen, and today we were able to experience the first of many. We just need to work on Brian's gag reflexes.