Sunday, January 18, 2009

January in San Diego

I just wanted to post some pictures of what we--meaning Southern California people--wear in the middle of January. The past couple of weeks it's been around 80 degrees!! Can you believe it?! When I watch the news in the morning, it doesn't make sense to me that the East Coast is freezing with below zero temperatures, but we're nice and toasty out here. It seems like we're in a totally different country; somewhere below the equator where it's summer now.

We wear short shorts and cute skirts! I put her in all of her skirts and shorts this past week. it was great because those clothes won't fit her by the time it gets warm again, so I felt like I was really getting some good use of those clothes. Hopefully, when it gets cold again her warm clothes will still fit. Toni watched her a couple of days last week and she took her on a shopping trip for this cute summer in the winter outfit. Along with the adorable onesie, she bought her really cute sandals which I have her wear with everything now. I love it when she wears shoes, but she does get stuck on them sometimes because they're so big. I guess that's just the price you pay for looking so cute!

This is what she wore to church today. She's such a big girl! She's going to be 11 months old tomorrow and I can't believe it. She pulls herself up on everything and will let go with one hand, but she gets really nervous if she let's go with both hands. She's really into talking these days too, but not just talking--screaming. It's not sad or angry screaming, just really loud, happy talking screaming. She's just tryint to get her point across.If this picture had sound, I'm pretty sure that you'd be hearing what was on her mind at the moment. I love dressing her up for church; she looks just like a little doll.She's such a happy baby and loves to smile--or make there weird, crazy faces all the time. This is actually the face she makes right before she makes a loud noise of some sorts.

This picture is of my nightowl child. I just put her to sleep because she's on a crazy schedule today. This 1:00 church is killing me! She should sleep right before we go to church, but that hasn't happened yet. She'll fall asleep in the car, but carrying her in her car seat into church wakes her up. Then she's tired, but not grumpy, but you know she should fall asleep. She'll nap for maybe 20-30 minutes during the second or third hour of church (thanks Kim!) and then again on the way home. When we get home she could eat, but today I thought I'd see if she could make it until 6:00ish and then be done for the day. The plan was working until we got home from my parents' house at 10:00and she was wide awake and ready to eat. I fed her and let her crawl around for a while, but as you can see from this picture she was tired. I just went upstairs and laid her down and she didn't make a single sound. So I don't know what to do about 1:00 church. If she was a great napper, I'd say just change her nap time, but her nap time is whenever she falls asleep. I don't want to feed her in the middle of church because it's a lot more now than just giving her a bottle. She eats a bowl of rice cereal and then some sort of baby food and sometimes a bottle on top of that. I think this year at church will be interesting as Bailey gets older and able to do more (including screaming in the middle of church).

Friday, January 2, 2009

Swinging High

This week we took the kids down to the beach to play. It's been sunny the past few days, but still pretty cold--at least for Southern California. The park that's just south of the pier actually has swings; I don't know of many parks that have swings anymore. Bailey slept for the first hour we were there, but once she woke up we put her in a swing. She really liked it, but she likes pretty much anything. She would get really excited and kick her legs and scream when she went high. For her first time on the swing, it was very successful.
It's not a great picture, but we put the twins in the same swing back to back. They could have stayed in the swing all day long, but there were a ton of kids at the beach so we had to share.

After I changed her diaper, I let her crawl around. She's really speedy these days!

This is what she looked like when it was time to go. She didn't mind being all sandy.

I'm so excited that this video actually posted. I've tried before and it didn't work. It's nothing too exciting, but she does get excited in the middle of it.

Here's another video of her crawling on the beach. It's a good one just so you can see how well she's crawling these days. This is also how she got so dirty. The sand was really black.

Christmas Lights with Cousins

Bailey's cousins, Kate and Owen, have been down with us for the past few weeks. It's been so much fun to see how they all play with each other. Bailey mostly watches them playing with each other, but she learns from them so quickly. Before Christmas we went to a house in San Marcos that has 100,000 lights on it. The house is so big and bright that they have a website; it's called like Christmas on Knob Hill. It really is amazing how many different moving objects they have on every single inch of their yard and house. I just love it when people go all out for Christmas! The night we went it was jam packed with people; it's such a nice thing to do for the neighborhood--although I'm not sure how much their neighbors love it. The kids loved it!
Keri came home from school, so she was able to come with us. Bailey has crazy eyes in this shot; she was mesmerized by the lights. Owen loved the lights!

Despite this sad face, Kate did really like the lights too.

Bailey had no fear of Santa this year. The twins were still traumatized by our mall Santa experience a few weeks ago and would not even come close to him. They would shout his name, but as soon as you took a step toward him, they would start really screaming. Bailey just wants to be held by anyone--even Santa. Owen liked the lights so much he wanted to eat them.

I love this picture of Kate and Owen. It took quite a few tries to get both of them looking at the lights. They look like a cute mini couple since Owen is standing on the curb he looks a lot taller than he really is.We even brought Doby along for this Christmas outing. I had to carry him because he was going crazy with all of the people around. He wanted to go up and greet everyone.We actually put Bailey inside the yard for this picture. We soon after got in trouble because you're not supposed to go on that side of the fence or touch anything--sorry!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bailey's First Christmas

Christmas was so much fun this year with Bailey. It's such a fun experience to view Christmas through the eyes of little kids! I know that each one will be more and more fun as we go. Since Bailey is only 10 months old, she didn't really get it this year. She does like paper--especially red or shiny silver--and she does like all the noise of presents being opened. Here's the holiday play-by-play:

We spent Christmas Eve with Brian's family at his mom's house. We had a delicious dinner (it was my first meal post flu) and then opened some presents. It was really fun because our friends Spencer and Michelle were visiting from Utah so they were there too with all their kids. We're so sad that they moved to Utah, but very happy that they were able to come visit for the holidays. I had to put Bailey in her santa dress so she could wear it more than once besides her Christmas pictures. The best part about the outfit is the cape! A side story about the cape--when we went to take her Christmas pictures I had her wear this outfit. As she was sitting for the first pictures, she fell over like a tree because her arms were stuck inside her cape and she didnt' think she could move them. So we promptly took the cape off for the rest of the pictures. Part one of Christmas was lots of fun with family and friends.
Here's Michelle with Ben, Carly, and Eve. They're all getting so big and they've only been gone a few months.
Roxann loved the cape too, so we had to get a picture! I also had her in adorable tights with Christmas trees and red little shoes on the bottom.
Here's Bailey's favorite part of Christmas this year. I wrapped her presents in silver paper so she would like them.
Here we thought she was down for the count, but this little girl doesn't go down without a fight. She just doesn't want to miss any of the action. She's a sleepy santa baby!

Bailey gave me a wonderful Christmas gift by sleeping in until 7:30 on Christmas morning. Once she was up, we headed over to my parents' house to start the fun. Once we got there, we watched our traditional Christmas movie--The Christmas Toy--and then opened stockings. Bailey, Kate, and Owen all looked so cute in their matching PJs! I didn't get a picture of all three of them together because they were all over the place.

Bailey is on her way out of this shot quickly, but don't they look cute!

Once were done with stockings, we moved on to the presents. Bailey noticed all of the presents around the tree and wanted to check them out. She turned into a baby Godzilla climbing over all of the packages and destroying the towers of presents. It was really funny! She wasn't angry or sad, but just screaming as she grabbed any present she could reach.

Then she got down to business and ate some more paper.

There was so much going on, that we didn't get Bailey to open her present. She just wanted to crawl around and look at everyone. I did open up her present the next day (we got her this toy that blows these balls up in the air)and put it together for her to play with. She doesn't quite get it yet, but she will soon.

The last phase of Christmas day was the trip up to my Grandma and Grandpa's house in Pasadena. It was a rather long trek this year because it was pouring rain the whole way up. A drive that usually takes us an hour and a half, took a good three hours. Luckily, we had Christmas music the entire drive and sang to our hearts' content. Once at Grandma and Grandpa's house, we again opened more presents. Bailey was surprisingly happy at this time, but she took an excellent nap on the way up. The babies all had lots of fun playing in the wrapping paper when it was all finished.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of her in a Christmas bag like a little present.

Here's all the grandkids and great grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa Mosher.

Here's Bailey with her great grandparents. I really wanted her to wear a puffy winter vest on Christmas and this was the only one that I could find that was small enough for her to wear. Even this shiny pink number is a little big on her, but I thought it was cute.Here's how Brian and Bailey looked at the end of the day. Both of them were worn out from the long day, but it was well worth it.
Here's how we started the day. Look at cute little Owen in the back in his Christmas jammies. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!