Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Days

It is officially my favorite time of the year--summer!  I feel like this is truly my first week because last week was filled with meetings at school, field hockey camp, and girl's camp for church.  It was a very crazy week!!  This week is filled with whatever I want it to be filled with.  Despite everything going on, we have been able to do some fun summer stuff. 

Here's what's been going on the past month (and a whole lot more):

My sisters graduated from college--Keri from UVU with her Bachelors in Public Relations and Toni with her Masters from SDSU in Communication.  Congratulations!!
We went to Utah for Keri's graduation and hung out there and did some Utah things for a few days.  The temple is beautiful, but it was rather chilly.
We went to Sea World on a Saturday and Bailey got to hang out with her favorite people: Elmo and Zoe!  She could hardly wait in line to see them.  The only way that I semi-containted her was to have her sing them the ABCs while we waited.  The look on her face is pure joy!

More pictures from Sea World.  Bailey and this little boy stood and watched the beluga whales for a long time.  Every time is swam by, she would turn to him and say, "Ohhhh!"  She really likes the penguins and she wanted to wear her 3D glasses and be like mama.
We hung out with Tami, Eric, Hunter, and Cole one night and played Beatles Rock Band.  It was awesome!
We went to a Padres game.  I think we sat in the seats for 30 minutes at the most.  We just wandered around looking at everything.  Go Padres!
We went to the Del Mar Fair and rode an elephant.  It's not your typical fair activity, but it was our splurge and Bailey loved it.  I was bummed that we couldn't ride it with just the two of us, but the elephant line was long.
We saw lots of other animals that Bailey thought were crazy.  We could have just walked through the animal halls for hours and she would have been just fine.  Here she's looking at a sheep that has crazy hair.
She got to eat an ice cream cone all by herself--hence the ice cream smile!
I bought a catapillar thing that you hook onto the hose and it sprays water every where.  Every kid has to have one of those during the summer and play with it in their diaper.  We told her to attack the catapillar like a tiger, so this is her best sneaky tiger approach.

On Father's Day we had yummy chocolate cake, and Bailey convinced Aunt Keri to give her a huge piece of cake.  When I walked into the kitchen, I saw her shoving this entire piece of cake into her mouth.  Life is good when you have a piece of chocolate cake.
I bought some princess dresses and tutus at our Young Women garage sale.  She now has a big basket of dress up clothes in her room and she wants to wear them around the house at least once a day.  She's really getting into the princess phase of her life and it's lots of fun.
Here she is with all of her tutus.  This picture makes me laugh because it reminds me of all the awesome photo sessions I had my little sisters do when they were little.  She often just does the hand under the chin pose without me saying anything.  Right after I take a picture she has to look at it on my camera to see if she looks cute--and she always does.
Yesterday we went to the Wild Animal Park.  I thought it was going to be a nice, cool day, but it was hot.  Bailey loved feeding the lorakeets.  Once her bird juice was all gone, she just walked around with an empty cup trying to tempt the birds to sit on her arm again.  This child has no fear!
Bliss and Riley met up with us at the park.  Petting, or trying to hug, the deers is Bailey's favorite part of the day.  If I brought a tiny saddle, she would ride them around.
The thing that Bailey has been doing the most the past few months, is becoming a Big Girl!  She is growing up so quickly I can't believe it!  She looks so old in this picture.  She talks about being a big girl all the time and that she's not a baby anymore... and she's right.  I would be fine if we froze time right now because she is so much fun.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Me too!

I must start off saying that I have no good excuse as to why I disappeared from the blogoverse for the month of May.  I was simply way too busy and lazy--a bad combo!  That means that when I wasn't running around like a crazy person, attending someone's graduation, coaching field hockey, hanging out with Bailey, or attempting to catch up on my ever-growing pile of laundry, I was sitting on my couch watching some good tv.  I was so busy, that when I put my camera card into my computer it said I had 483 pictures to upload!!  I shall post a month in review with pictures later.

Now to the real reason of this post: funny conversations with Bailey.  She is seriously talking up a storm these days.  She says so many things I can't even update what's new because there's something new all the time.  She repeats everything and then uses it in a new, and usually funny, way.  Some of her new favorite vocabulary words are: too, because, ghost, and need.

Here's a funny conversation I had with her last week:

Bailey came walking in my room while I was getting ready for school. 

Bailey: I'm tired momma.
Me: I'm tired too.
Bailey: I'm tired too.
Me: I want to take a nap.
Bailey: I want to take a nap too.
Me: I want to put on my jammies.
Bailey: Me too!
This went on for several more back and forths ending with, "Me too."  I decided to see if she was really listening and paying attention or just repeating whatever I was saying.
Me:  I want to fly to the moon.
Bailey: (she thought about this for some time before responding) Yeah!!
Me:  Okay let's go!
Bailey:  Like a butterfly momma. (she was wearing a skirt with butterflies on it)  I'm like a butterfly and go to the moon!

This was when I realized that she really was paying attention.  I think she's pretty smart!  Having a two-year-old is so much fun.  It will be way more fun next Wednesday at noon WHEN SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!  That's right 6 1/2 more days of school and then I'm a free woman!  I'm so excited to beach it up this summer and do whatever we want to do.  So here's to more happy posting in one week and one and one-half days!

Rock On!!