Monday, April 13, 2009

She's Bringing Sexy Back

This morning was my first dreaded day back to school after spring break. I woke up feeling sad, tired, and depressed, but my little Bailey definitely knows how to put a smile on my face. When Brian went to get Bailey this morning, he noticed that she had made a slight modification to her pajamas during the night

She's definitely bringing sexy back! She just wanted to make her pjs a little bit more modern and stylish for an almost 14 month old girl. She's growing up so quickly! I just love the look on her face--like look what I did and how funny I am. So once I saw that Bailey was in a good mood, I proceeded with the rest of my day with a smile on my face. I love my Bailey girl!!

Aside from being a fashion designer, she can also now empty her toy basket and crawl into it. It's a slightly dangerous maneuver, but as good parents we were there to video the event.

This is Bailey getting in the basket. If you get motion sickness, Brian's video taping skills may make you a little sick.

Here's the dangerous part--getting out of the basket!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling the Beat

I was just sitting at the computer while Bailey crawled around the kitchen and played with everything. She's fascinated with straps, so she stood up and played with her high chair. I was checking on everybody's blog, and I went to my sister Keri's blog. Her blog has the music playlist that automatically starts playing when you enter the site. When the music started playing, Bailey started dancing to the beat. It's really funny if you watch this video about half way through I switch to a different song--"What's My Name" or something like that. About the time that the drums start beating, Bailey started doing some jazzy knee pop to go along with the music. I'm sure it's coincidental, but I'd like to think that she just has great rythym! I do apologize that I'm always so loud on the videos, but I can't help talking to Bailey, singing along, and laughing with her! Just another fun day of spring break.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Dancing Machine

Bailey has started to dance. She does it when she gets really excited or hears music. It's mostly just a lot of bouncing and some arm waving, but every now and then she gets really creative and throws some ballet moves in there. I got a video of her doing some ballet leg lifting during a dancing session. I too am bouncing a lot so this video may cause sea sickness. It's not too exciting, but it makes me laugh.

Also check out her cute outfit that grandma bought for her. I love babies in dresses and leggings. I want to go out and buy leggings in every color, but it's kind of the end of legging season so I'm having a hard time. Maybe it's a sign that I really don't need to buy leggings in every color.

I Did Want a Clean House

Here's Brian, our fire fighting hero!

I am on week two of my fabulous spring break!! I may not always love all of the 7th graders that I teach, but I do always love the schedule of a teacher. I will always be able to enjoy the things that every child cherished--summer time, spring breaks, and Christmas vacation! I had three main goals this break:
1. hang out with Bailey every day and be a mom
2. finally finish decorating Bailey's room
3. clean my house

There are days when I can barely stand my house because it's dirty--not scary/gross dirty, but just little cluttered stuff that I don't always have time to take care of while I work. I told Brian that I was going to clean two major things a day on my break, so by the end my house would be clean. On the first day I did great because Bailey was a super napper that day--3 1/2 hours (that's a world record for her). I cleaned the downstairs bathroom--every single inch--all baseboards, and kitchen. I also put all of Bailey's clothes away and packed up her ones that didn't fit her anymore. So last Monday, I was feeling off to a good start. Tuesday wasn't as successful cleaning, but I went running with Toni and ran lots of errands with Bailey. Tuesday night was when IT happened.

We (meaning Brian) cooking a delicious recipe that I found in a magazine: chicken tortilla pie. It called for roasted tomatillos in the oven. As I was sitting on the couch I noticed that the cookie sheet was tilted up toward the top of the oven. I asked Brian about it, but he said it was normal, so Toni and I continued watching tv. One minute later, I looked back at the oven only to see a rolling fire in the oven! These were real flames, not just a little spark, but big flames. So I told Brian and he jumped into action grabbing the fire extinguisher which we luckily had close by. Flames and smoke were now streaming out of the top of the oven and smoke was quickly filling the room. Brian had the fire extinguisher and opened the oven and totally went ghost busters! Let me explain the phrase: you remember in the movie when the guys were killing the giant marshmellow guy? Well, that's what Brian looked like! He had his neutron blaster/fire extinguisher in hand and a very intense look on his face. He continued to fire his weapon until it was entirely empty. At that point smoke and fire extinguisher dust rapidly spread throughout the room. We grabbed Bailey, high chair included, and ran out to the balcony. We all could not believe what had just happened--Brian had put out a real fire! Ty also joined us on the balcony after crawling army style up the stairs because he's a Eagle Scout and knew to drop below the smoke :) We then went downstairs outside for a while to try to sort this out. When we finally came back upstairs, the house was completely covered in this thick layer of chemical dust.

Now, I am very glad that our house didn't burn down, but this threw my cleaning plan out the window. I now had to clean my entire house to rid it of this dust. Wednesday we had the carpets and couches cleaned; Thursday we had the tile cleaned because I could not figure out how to get rid of the stuff. So by Thursday afternoon, Bailey was finally able to crawl around the house again. Every spare moment since the fire has been spent cleaning things that I haven't cleaned in a really long time--top of the fridge, plate hanging racks, inside light fixtures, all cupboards cleaned and dusted. My list could go on and on! I like to quiz Brian each day he comes home to see if he can notice the obscure items that I cleaned that day. My quizzing has come to an end because I think I've finished this floor of the house--yeah!!

I don't have any fun pictures of the event, but I do have a couple of suggestions:
1. do keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen
2. keep a small one in your kitchen
3. use fire extinguishers sparingly