Tuesday, December 20, 2011

October-December in Fast Forward

Here's our life (in part) from October to December just so I can say I did:


 Baby pirates
 A trip to Sea World for some trick or treating.
 For a while Bailey thought she had to be a pirate every year for Halloween since that's what she was last year.
 They had lots of weird Halloweenish people walking around the park
 Cookie Monster is always a favorite.
 This is to prove that she was at least attempting to crawl for things--not anymore she just wants to sit.

 Pumpking guts!
 The best/cleanest/easiest pumpkins ever
 The trick or treating crew: Thomas, Jordyn, Hailey, Bailey
 Brooklynn and Chloe didn't get candy, but they sure looked cute.

 And they're off!!
 My dream baby chilled in the stroller
 They sprinted up to each door and were very good at saying Trick or treat! and thank you--compared to last year.
 Not smiling, but focusing on the candy

Even though it was only November, Christmas decorations were out everywhere.
 Another fun trip to Sea World
  Such a cutie

 All bundled up 
 Our Santa pictures with cousins

 The candy cane is Bailey's motivation for everything

 A day at the park

 We like to call her marshmellow baby since she's so fluffy

 Thanksgiving hats (Bailey was too tired and needed a nap)
 This is Brooklynn's favorite thing--jumping!  She gets so high and loves it.  She thinks that if she's standing, she can now jump on anything.
 We decorated cookies and Grammy was able to help/watch even with her broken ankle
 This is why I live in Southern California: I can go to the beach in November and not freeze to death!
 The water was cold, but the kids loved it!

 Her belly is lookin nice and tight in that bathing suit.

I was "sick" a day and took the girls to Disneyland with Becky, Hailey, and Chloe.  It was so much fun and not that crowded at all.  I loved it!
 We visited with Mrs. Clause while Santa was on his lunch break.

 We actually saw more characters than we'd ever seen before without waiting in any lines.  We just had really good timing that day.  We saw Ariel--the little mermaid.  I couldn't find Bailey for one second; I looked up and she had cut in front of everyone.  I quickly called her back and waited in line again to see her.
 We saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse at CA Adventure

And their dog Pluto too.

There's my quick catch up for the past three  months!  I have one more day of school and four more days until Christmas.  I can't wait for both!!  Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December is Here!

My girls with Santa!

So I'm not going to lament about how dreadfully behind I am on posting pictures and events on my blog--my sisters do that enough for me:)

December is here, so let the fun begin!!!  I'll put more pictures up once I get my camera from my mom's house.  I hope everyone (and anyone who still checks my highly outdated blog) is enjoying a wonderful holiday season!