Saturday, September 19, 2009

For My Sista!

Keri has been bugging me for the past two weeks to post more pictures of Bailey, so this is for her! Since I've been back in school, life has been a little busy. I'm back to teaching and coaching everyday, while also fitting in Bailey time, Brian time, and some me time--so that means that there's no time left for blogging.
The Last Weekend of Summer: Labor Day Weekend

It was such a beautiful weekend; we went to the beach on Saturday and Monday. I thought it might be super crazy since it was the last weekend of the summer, but both days were perfect. It was great weather and the water was so warm, even Brian went in.

This picture is of Bailey with all of her beach toys. How many toys does one little girl need? If you're Bailey, it is exactly this many. Earlier in the summer, Bailey was always trying to take other kid's toys. Once I started bringing my mom's huge bag-o-toys, she was so happy. She would just sit in the middle of them all and smile.

This next picture, is what happens when we forget the gigantic bag of toys--we went old school on Labor Day. Bailey's toys consisted of a Big League Chew bucket, a couple of plastic cups, some cones, two measuring cups, and a random frisbee. That was basically everything that I could find in our garage. It just made me laugh because she was still just as happy.

On Saturday, Toni built her a lounging area and she loved it!

Just to prove that I did go to the beach with Bailey and not just drop her off all day :)

I just thought that this was hilarious, but Bailey didn't agree with me. She looks like an old fashioned girl wearing a swimcap.

My Little Professor:

My second day of school, Bailey had her third eye doctor appointment. I was hopeful that it would be good news, but the verdict is glasses. Our doctor said that we could wait until December, so I am. But the glasses are going to come whether I like it or not. One of the moms from my field hockey team works for a kid eye doctor, so she brought me some sample glasses so I could start to visualize what she'll look like. What do you think?

I know once we find a pair that fits her and take the stickers off, she'll be the cutest tiny professor that you've ever seen. I just think that she's already the cutest thing you've ever seen, so I'm a little sad. I'm also really worried about her keeping them on her face, but the doctor assures me that she'll be so amazed at how well she can see that she'll keep them on. She's far-sighted, so she can see everything. She'll just encounter a hard time keeping her eyes focused when she looks at things upclose--meaning without glasses, she'll have a hard time learning to read. I know that it's a good thing and for everything else that could have gone wrong with Bailey being so early, this really isn't a big deal, but it's still hard for me.

18 Months Old (now 19):

Last month we took Bailey to get pictures for her 18 month old pictures. She's now 19 months old, so that's how fast time flies! I put her in her adorable sailor dress. When we got to the studio, they had this awesome motorcycle for kids. While we waited, we let Bailey be a biker babe.

I truly can't believe how big Bailey is! I love this stage of little kids because they are learning new things everyday. She runs around and tries to repeat lots of words. Her vocabulary consists of: mama, dada, Doby, bye, hi, night night, happy, up, down, jump, lots of animal sounds, and lots of jibber-jabber. I know that any second she's going to start saying everything. It also makes me kind of sad because she's not my little baby anymore--she is a big kid! She's just begun to want to do things herself instead of coming to mom for everything. I just love her more and more everyday, even when she's grumpy and teething.

My little California Girl!