Sunday, October 31, 2010

Too Many Treats = Bad Tricks

Last night was our ward's Trunk or Treat party.  Bailey has been looking forward to trick or treating for a very long time.  To get into the party spirit, we decided to decorate our pumpkins.  I bought a pirate pumpkin kit this year, and it was the best $7 I ever spent!  It's like a Mr. Potato Head kit with all of the pieces to just stick into the pumpkin.
Here's Brian and Bailey ready to start!
This kit was awesome because Bailey could actually help and it was no mess.
Here she is with her very own pumpkin pirate.  She was super excited.

After we decorated Bailey's pumpkin, it was time to get dressed for the party.  We were going to be a family of pirates!  It was at this point, that Bailey decided that she didn't want to wear her pirate costume; she had decided that she wanted to wear her candy corn shirt.  I told her that it wasn't an option; only pirates were allowed to go to this party.  That idea was quickly ruined when Brian decided that he wasn't going to be a pirate either.  I got dressed and then we headed over to my mom and dad's house to pick up her pirate skirt and vest. 

My mom and whipped up a last minute pirate vest to add to her costume.  It was the perfect touch to her costume.  Bailey was not in a chipper mood, despite her more than three hour nap.  Once I captured her and wrangled her into her costume, it was time to get a picture--whether she liked it or not! 

This is what she looked like during picture time, until I told her that only happy pirates could go trick or treating. 

After she heard that bit of news, she was back to her normal happy pirate self for the rest of the night.
When we got to the parking lot, Bailey was ready to go. 

At first she was a little hesitant to approach the dark cars with strangers, but once she realized that the strangers had candy and they would give her a piece she was into trick or treating.  She was really cute and would say, "Trick or treat!" to every car and then with a little prompting even exclaimed a cute, "Thank you!"  We met a few of her friends there--Eliza and Hailey--and we wandered around to the last of the cars.  I tried to get a good picture of Bailey and Hailey together, but it was really hard to get both of them focused on the camera and not all the crazy creatures and candy surrounding them.

After we were done with the trunk or treating, we decided to go to Ruby's to visit Toni at work so she could see her costume.  On the way over to the restaurant, she ate about four pieces of candy--sour licorice, lollipop, some M & Ms, and some gummy Lifesavers.  She had complained a little bit throughout the night about her tummy hurting.  I just figured that she was hungry and tired.  Once we got to Ruby's she was so happy to see Toni and to eat some real food.  She ordered chocolate milk and a corn dog.  She was really good and waited patiently for her food.  Toni brought her the chocolate milk and she proceeded to down it.  The food came and she ate a few bites of her corn dog. 

At one point, she kind of coughed.  My mom and I looked over at her.  I could tell that something bad was about to happen; I quickly told Brian to get something to catch what was coming, but he wasn't fast enough.  Bailey puked everything that was in her stomach all over her pirate costume.  She took a little breather, but I knew that round two was coming.  We had nothing to use as a container, but a ton of napkins.  Brian looked like her might puke himself.  I ran out to the car to get her some clothes and my mom volunteered to take her and her skirtful of puke outside. 

It was quite a pathetic sight to see a crying pirate wobbling over to the car with my mom.  I'm so glad that I had an extra outfit in the car to change her into.  Once we cleaned her off and got her dressed, she said she felt much better.  I knew that it was just a bad combo of too many treats, too much chocolate milk, and not enough real food.  But I did not let this moment slip by without taking time for the teaching moment.  I told Bailey that this is what happens if you eat too many treats; you get sick and puke.  I'm hoping that the lesson stuck because I know she's going to want to eat more candy today.  So it was an exciting end to a fun night!  Honestly, my biggest concern was that the puke was going to ruin her costume.  But I think it will all turn out just fine.  Happy Halloween!!

Here are some pictures that are too cute to miss from Bailey's super cute Sunday outfit last week:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Practicing to be a Pirate

Ever since Bailey's first trip to Disneyland, she's been in love with the pirates.  In August, Toni and I took her to Disneyland.  What was the first item on her list of things to see?  not the princesses, but the pirates!  She was of course excited to see the princesses and we stayed there for a couple of hours, but she was facsinated by the pirates.

Fast forward to September when I got her thinking about what she wanted to be for Halloween.  I know it may seem a bit early to talk about Halloween, but I like to be prepared.  I started listing different types of costumes that she could be: a ladybug, a princess, a ballerina, a fairy, a bunny, etc.  Just your typical two year old costume requests.  On her own, Bailey said, "I want to be a pirate!"  She already knew the song and knew that she loved them.  We'd talk about Halloween costumes every so often and every time she answered pirate, so a pirate she will be.

I've slowly been piecing together what she will wear: a random striped scarf for a belt (bought at Target in the dollar spot), some black pirate boots (another $2 purchase from the swap meet, although they are about 4 sizes too big), a black onsie from last year, an awesome pirate hat from Michael's, a pirate hook from the swap meet (for free), a skeleton bucket to collect her loads of candy, and my mom just finished her pirate skirt last night.  This morning we tried it all on to see if it works.  What do you think?

Since she's known for a while that she's going to be a pirate, we've been working on her pirate talk.  She learned the pirate song at Disneyland and the rest she's picked up along the way.  This is not her best performance because she usually says these things with a good pirate accent, but I wanted to get them on video at least once.  My favorite saying is, "Arrrr me tatey!"  It's supposed to be, "Arrrr me matey!" but I don't want her to change it.  I think it's absolutely adorable!  So if this video ever loads, then you'll be able to see.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tomato Sauce & Subway

So it's been a while...two months in fact since I last posted.  That means that yes, I'm back in school :(  The other bit of news (probably old news to anyone who still looks at this) is that I'm pregnant.  17 weeks in fact!  and all I want to eat it something covered in tomato sauce and a delicious turkey Subway sandwich loaded with pickles.

We told Bailey that she's going to be a big sister.  Here are some of her classic responses as she tries to wrap her brain around this idea:

1.  As we were driving to field hockey pratice one night--"Mommy, I'm going to be a big sister.  I'm going to grow and grow and grow!"  So she thinks that she is just physically going to get really big.

2.  When I tell her that the baby is in my tummy, she wants to see it.  I tell her that you can't see anything yet.  She ponders that for a while and then says,"I want a baby in my tummy too!"  "Only mommies can have babies in their tummies Bailey," is my quick response to that idea.

3.  Any baby that we meet, that will be the name of our new baby.  When we're with the cousins, our baby will be named Josi.  When we met Hailey new baby sister Chloe, our baby will be named Chloe too.  I just makes perfect sense.

4.  She varies by the day, and sometimes by the hour, if she's going to have a baby brother or a baby sister.  I think she'll be fine either way because she's really into babies these days.  I think I have my Christmas present ideas all set for Bailey--lots of baby stuff for her to play with.

5.  I told her the other day that I was going to buy her a special shirt that said something.  She guessed it right away, "I'm going to be a big stister!"  She likes to put an extra "t" into the word sister; I don't correct her because I kind of like it.

Overall, she's very excited to be a big sister--whatever that means.  I'm done feeling sick, so life is pretty good right now; very, very busy, but pretty good.  So school and feeling super pregnancy sick are my two excuses as to why I've neglected my blog for two whole months.  I will do a quick recap through pictures only of some of the highlights of the end of our summer and life to this point, but later tonight.

For now, I leave with you with some pics from our latest excursion to the pumpkin patch:

 Here's Bailey as happy as can be!

 Showing off her super-human strength!
 What more can a girl ask for--a bag of candy in one hand, a bag of kettle corn in the other, a pair of fairy wings on her back, and riding on dad's shoulders.
Bailey's blue tongue on the way home from eating her candy stick.  Instead of sucking on it the entire ride home, she got in the car and chomped it with her teeth.  But at least she was happy!