Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Few of Her Favorite Things

Bailey amazes me everyday with the new words that she has learned. I have to guess a lot of the time about what exactly she's saying, but that doesn't stop her from trying. She is like a sponge and absorbs everything that she sees and hears. I taped her this morning talking about her favorite food--pancakes or panpakes as she likes to say it. I have to become better at recording her saying the words in her cute two year old way before she realizes it's incorrect and fixes it. So here's Bailey talking about a few of her favorite foods:

Here are a couple other funny stories about what Bailey is saying these days:

1) Bailey thinks it's really funny to call me Kaci. While we were driving to daycare on Thursday, she started calling me Kaci. I thought she might be saying crazy, but when I looked back at her she was pointing right at me smiling. She kept chanting, "Kaci, Kaci, Kaci," and laughing. Once I convinced her that my name is Mommy she moved on to Brian. She said, "Briiiiaaaaannnn!" (like she was screaming but in a quiet voice). The next thing she said was, "Whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaatttt!" I started laughing immediately. She was mimicking what she hears at home. When I'm upstairs and trying to ask Brian a question while he's downstairs, I shout his name. Usually Brian will just shout, "What?" to see what it is that I need, so Bailey was just repeating what she hears. I was laughing so hard! I asked her what she said and she just repeated the whole conversation. I thought it was so funny, that I called Brian and put him on speaker to hear what she said.

2) Last week Brian had to pick up Bailey from my mom and dad's house one day. When he got to the house, my mom was just commenting to him how quickly she is learning new words. My mom said to Brian, "It's so amazing what words she can say. She's like a parrot." Bailey then turned to Brian and said, "Like a parrot!" I just need to teach her how to say, "Polly want a cracker?"

3) Toni and Keri were playing with Bailey one day last week. Toni did something and blurted out, "Dang it!" Toni immediately retracted the comment, but Bailey didn't let it go unnoticed. She started marching around the room saying, "Dang it, dang it!" On Saturday Keri and I were hanging out when Bailey started saying something that we couldn't understand. After a few times, I realized that she was in fact saying, "Dang it!" She doesn't know what it means, but thinks that it's funny. I report this story not to incriminate Toni, but just to remember the funny things she says :)

Needless to say, Bailey is very observant these days and picks up on things really quickly. A few things that she does that amaze me are: count to ten (for some reason she doesn't like 5 and 6), sing the ABCs (you can understand most of the letters), sing Happy Birthday (minus the word birthday), and she has the best "happy face" ever. Even when she does something that she knows she shouldn't do, how can you get super mad at a face as cute as this?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Words ...

If you have never experienced Cafe Rio, you really need to get there quickly! I feel that all I need here in California still is a a DownEast store, a Great Harvest store, a BYU CA (some day), some home BYU football games, and then I will have the best of both worlds--Utah and California.

I found out last week that there was a Cafe Rio in California--and only about one hour away. As soon as I heard the news, I knew I had to go. Brian and I had decided that Friday was the only time during the weekend that we could make it to Lake Forest. Brian got home a little late from work, so I wasn't sure if we should still forge ahead with our plans and risk a total meltdown by Bailey. We ended up leaving around 6:45 and got there at 7:30. When I entered those doors, my little heart jumped for joy! I felt like I was back in Utah going to school. Brian ordered the delicious pork burrito enichilada style and I had the scrumptious pork salad! Bailey feel asleep on the way up there and wasn't too happy to be awake, but she made it through most of the meal like a trooper. I ended up shoving a few last bites in my mouth before packing up the leftovers, while Brian took Bailey to the car (she was moaning/crying and requesting to go to sleep--does that make us bad parents?) Brian said that I looked like a sad lady eating by myself at my tiny table, but this was one time in my life when I didn't care that I was eating all alone. We were there for only 30-40 minutes, but the almost two hour drive was totally worth it! Cafe Rio makes me happy! Next time I go, you should join me :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Chillin'

I can officially celebrate my life as a normal person--no coaching after school! So when school is done, I pick up Bailey and head home. Sometimes we have to stop by Grandma's house to "pick oranges!" Bailey loves picking oranges/tangerines from my mom's grove. I need to get a video of her saying it because it sounds so cute with her little 2 year old accent. Yesterday we stopped by the house and nobody was home, but we put shoes on and marched down to the trees. She just wanted to pick two tangerines--one for each hand--and then we were on our way. The life of a two year old is awesome!

Most days when we get home, we just hang out. It usually starts out with coloring, a tea party or two, of course all of the toys need to come out, and we eventually always end up with Gabba. Here's a funny picture of Bailey just chillin':
She has her milk in hand and her bowl of cereal close by. That is all it takes (most of the time) to put a smile on her face.

Since I was taking pictures of Bailey, she wanted her camera to take pictures of me--kind of.

This is a funny video to show just how much she can say these days. A warning that there is a mention of poop, but it's funny. She's trying to say enchilada and she does a pretty good job.