Friday, May 22, 2009

She's a Walker!

It's official--Bailey is walking! She started walking on Mother's Day--happy Mother's Day to me. She's just been walking a few times a day, but on Wednesday she started walking a lot. Yesterday she walked over to the footstool, climbed on top, then climbed on the couch and then turned around and laughed. We're moving into new territory--both good and bad. She thinks she a climbing monkey and tried to climb everything. Here's a pretty good video of her walking (despite the shakiness of the camera). It's also cute because she gives her little baby some good loves in the end.

I just wanted to post this quickly before I head off for a field hockey tournament this weekend. Brian will be braving the world alone with Bailey, so in case he calls you it's because he's bored. I know they'll enjoy a lovely father-daughter weekend. Good luck to both of them!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congrats Doctor Miller!

Last weekend my brother Kyle graduated from UNLV's Dental School! It's been four long years filled with lots of work, so we're all very proud of him. We all went up for the big day so he would have the loudest cheering section. I do believe that although we were small in numbers, only 10, we were the loudest there. I'm kind of bummed because we told Kyle to pose on stage--AND HE DID--but none of us got it on camera. So if you are in need of a dentist in the Thousand Oaks/Weslake Village area in CA, I happen to know an excellent one!

There is his crossing the stage to get his diploma and awesome plaque/statue. I suggested that next year, the plaques are made in the shape of a tooth.

Here's Kyle and Sam. Sam should get some sort of wife of a dentist diploma because she's been there every step of the way.

I just liked this picture because all of the professors had to wear these awesome little outfits. It made the whole event very Harry Potterish.

Here's Kyle with the twins. They weren't too keen on taking pictures with Kyle's cap on, but they did an excellent job.

Most of stayed home on Saturday during the huge graduation ceremony and this was an awesome picture of what we did. All of the kids took really good naps. When they woke up, they were hungry so Kate tried to help out with the feeding process. It's always fun to play with cousins.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Have a Problem

I guess the first step to fixing a problem is to admit that you have one...right? My problem is that I can't resist buying clothes for Bailey. I just can't help myself, but I think you'll agree that I made the right decision when you see some of these outfits. I realized that Bailey probably has more clothes than the average baby a couple of months ago. As I was boxing up her clothes that didn't fit her, so I went to Target to buy a new bin. I bought my usual sized bin to match the other ones because who wants to have unmatching bins in your garage? When I got home, I began to pack up her small clothes. Once the bin was full, I still had more clothes to pack. The even more startling fact is that I already have another basketful ready to be packed away today! My addiction is dressing up my daughter like the cutest little doll you've ever seen. My only hope is that our next one (not that there's another one anytime soon) is a girl so I can get some good use out of these clothes.
Last week we went to the mall to spend our thrilling Friday evening. I had a coupon and I wanted a corndog, so off the the mall we went. We did some shopping first and when we were finished I wasn't sure what had happened. There were some amazing deals at Children's Place--dresses that I was drooling over two months ago for $30 were now only $10. I can't pass on a deal like that! Then I just had to use my coupon at Gymboree because that was the point of the trip. After being scammed into spending enough money to get some Gymbucks, I realized that I had probably spent more than I had planned. But I'm planning ahead with my purchases and buying big sizes, so really I'm saving money in the long run :)
So here is one of the most adorable outfits I bought. I bought it in honor of the Kentucky Derby and all of the ladies and their big hats. It's so cute! I know that some of the pictures look like it's an old lady/farmer hat, but really it's quite stylish.

If you look closely at this picture, you can see her fang that's coming in on her upper left side. We always knew she was part vampire; I guess that's what happens when your mom reads too many Twilight books when you're little.

It looks like she's walking in this one, but she's not. She just stands up all day and takes one, maybe two tiny steps and then sits down.

This is a classic Bailey pose: the mini smile! I'm also in love with making the "Minnie Mouse" style bow that sits right up on top of her head.

This picture is nothing fabulous, but Toni says I need to put more pictures of Bailey and somebody else up. So this one's for my sister!

Friday, May 1, 2009

So Close!

Bailey's favorite game to play right now is stand up and see who notices. She's so close to walking. The other night she took two mini steps in a row and then collapsed; we have the camera ready to go so we can get her first real steps recorded. Right now she's just so proud of herself that she can stand up. She'll stand up anywhere and just look around and smile. In this picture, she was standing up and then showing her Herculean strength and picking up her rocking horse. This girl is kind of freakishly strong! She has great balance because she can stand and bend over and pick stuff up and still be standing. I know when she realizes that she can actually walk, she's going to just start running all over the place. It's exciting, but I know our whole world is going to change once she takes those first steps.

Look at how happy she is! She'll stand and smile and laugh all day long.

Here she is being a cool chick with sunglasses on her head like mommy!

Happy Super Late Easter

Yes, I know that Easter was about three weeks ago, but I'm just getting around to it. I had to post these cute pictures of her "first" Easter. I put it in quotes because her real first Easter was last year when she was still in the hospital. It was a rather traumatic day because we went up to LA to hear my aunt and uncle speak at their homecoming from their mission in Russia. On the way home, two people came down with the flu. I really wanted to go see Bailey on Easter, but I didn't want to bring the flu germs in with me to the hospital. So we drove down to the hospital, put on masks, and went in and hung out with her for about 30 minutes. So since her first Easter was nothing I'd like to remember, this was her FIRST one.

On Saturday before Easter, we went up to Grandma & Grandpa's house. We ate yummy food, hung out with cousins, and had our traditional hunt for the golden egg. Bailey only had eyes though for the pretty turquoise egg. After she found that one egg, she was happy. It's always fun to be up there with family. So here are some pics of the event:

Here's the only egg Bailey wanted.
Eventually, she picked up a pink one too, so she had one for each hand.She totally crashed with Great Grandma Mosher.
And at this moment, she wanted to crawl around freely (it was right before she feel asleep)
She even read a book with cousin Wesley.

Then on Sunday, Easter morning, she got her basket which was filled with all sorts of bubbles. After church that day, we went over to my mom and dad's house and ate more delicious food and just played. Here's her first easter basket filled with bubbles, bath toys, and eggs from the day before. The cute bunny is from Grandma Mosher.