Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rocktober in Review

I've never done this before, but I'm bloggin in the morning!  My baby-child woke up at 5:30 and is now occupying the majority of my bed space.  I was laying in bed trying to think of productive things I could do, instead of pretending to sleep, and I finally decided on this one.

Here's the month I lovingly refer to as: Rocktober!!

 We played a lot of dress up.  Brooklynn tested out her skills wearing high heels.
 She of course had to have a purse to go with her sweet outfit.
 I tried to take more pictures of my kiddos--including Brooklynn's funny faces.
 Her kissy face is my favorite one.
 She loves Doby, so she wanted to share the love.  He was not that into it.
 We had some fun Family Nights at the park at top of the world--at least that's what we call it.
 Brooklynn's walking skills improved, but she still kind of walked like ET with her hands in the air waddling side to side.
  A lot of beautiful sunsets.
 I love this picture of Bailey.  It's her favorite thing to do at the park.
 And of course Brooklynn tried to copy her big sister!

I ditched a day of school to go to Disneyland with the girls, my mom, dad, and Toni.
 We visited the new Carsland, but it was really crowded.  We just stopped to take a picture to say we saw it.
 Bailey loves meeting all of the characters.
 Brooklynn does not like meeting all the characters up close.
 Here's the whole crew on our Disney ditch day.
 We were too tired to get them out of the stroller, so my dad posed with them.  He liked pushing the stroller.
 I took the girls on the teacups since everyone didn't want to get sick.
 I love this picture because it shows how Bailey just poses on her own now for most pictures.
 It was a hot day and we were all sweaty.
 They both loved the Merry Go Round

 Even my dad joined in on the fun!
 Yee haw!!
 My pretty Bailey girl
 I love this picture!  This is on the Pirates ride which Bailey used to love when she was smaller, but now that she's older she acts scared of it all.  I love her face!
 Going for a low squat.
Just having fun walking around Disneyland.
All of the Halloween decorations were up, and Brooklynn was not too fond of this Day of the Dead display.
Hangin out with Grammy

I still took the time to dress my girls in corresponding cute outfits for church.  I'm always a sucker for navy blue, white, and red nautically themed outfits.  These two did not disapoint.
These are two of  Bailey's classic poses--hands on hips with some hip action and... 
hand on hip flashing the peace sign.  This one just proves she's definitely a part of the Miller clan!
This one is my favorite picture of the two of them.  They both have genuine smiles and they look adorable!  I'm not quite sure Bailey is holding up a number one.  Maybe to say, "My mom is #1!"
Or maybe she was just counting :)

As always October is not complete without a trip to Bates Nut Farm.  It may have been our last year because pumpkins are pumpkins and it might be more pleasant to purchase one without a thousand other people around.  Unless I can go on a week day next year, we'll be picking out pumpkins from a lot on the street corner!
Bailey always loves picking out the pumpkins.
Of course they both had to wear their cowgirl boots, pink leggings, and long I the only crazy mom who does this?
I must've said hold the tiny pumpkin by your face for this shot.
Brooklynn was not into taking any pictures during our pumpkin adventure.
Bailey kind of was willing to comply.
I wish I had that one awesome shot of the day, but these two are as good as they got.

Really mom?  You already got 20 pictures of me in front of pumpkins!
Brooklynn had a few moments of clarity as she tested her brute strength in picking up her pumpkin.

And then she quickly reverted back to being sad :(
Bailey wouldn't budge until we took pictures in these faces.

I'm sure every pumpkin patch has a life-size replica of the Lorax.
The looks on their faces just capture our day perfectly!
Bailey loved feeding the animals, while Brooklynn was content to observe from a distance.
This picture would be funny if she really was doing an awesome dance move, but she's just being sad and reaching up to be held.  But take another look and imagine that she's dancing...funny, right?
After our trip to Bates Nut Farm, we drove up to Huntington Beach so Toni and Aaron could watch the girls while we went to a Halloween party.  They love hanging out with their aunts and uncles.

One Sunday, we took a quick day trip up to Davis to watch the last home game for two of my former players.  It was so much fun to watch them play their senior game in college.  It was against UOP and Davis won!!  Marissa even scored one of the goals!  I am so proud of them :)
Here we are with Amanda
and Marissa
two field hockey studs!
Two of my favorite sisters!

The night before Halloween, our ward had their own Halloween carnival party.  I couldn't go because I had a field hockey game, but Keri and Toni filled in for me and took some cute pictures.
Bailey was Jessie.  I've never ever seen her more excited than when I showed her this Jessie costume that I bought for $5 bucks at the baby swap meet.  She screamed and jumped up and down for so long, I wasn't sure if she was happy, angry, sad, or just losing her mind!  I wish I had it recorded
I dressed Brooklynn up as a tiny cowgirl to match her sister for the night.
Bailey looks like she conquered the donut!
Brooklynn was tired and Bailey was just to consumed with her candy and prizes to pay attention.
But these pictures show us how she really felt.
What a night

On Halloween, Bailey wore her costume to school and they had a costume parade.  Brian was able to go and take pictures of the event.  She decided to go with the super girl costume after much persuasion.  Why be the same thing two days in a row, when there are tons of costumes to choose from?
I love how the majority of the girls' costumes were pink, no matter what they were.

Here she is with Miss Karen and Miss Kitty.
Brooklynn was a ladybug for the night.  This is her mean ladybug look.
And they're off and running!  Rainbow Brite and Super Girl to the rescue!

This must be one of Bailey's favorite days of the year.  She gets to dress up and get free candy; that's the perfect combo for this super hero.
Once Brooklynn figured out that all she had to do was walk up to a house, say some form of Trick or Treat, and hold out her hand to get candy, she decided it was the best day ever!  Every time she got more candy, she would give me this look like, "Mom this is the greatest thing ever!"  She would hand me her candy from one hand so she had one free hand to go get her next piece.  I love this picture because it just truly captures her happy little heart!!
More candy...
and more candy every house I go to!
We had a fun little Halloween street gang that we roamed the neighborhood with, but they did stop every so often to walk with me.  Even though I came straight from practice and looked kind of homeless, they still held my hand.

Would you like some candy?

I tried to get a cute picture of the two of them, but too much distraction and candy was not conducive to a great photo.
Halloween 2012