Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm Back!?

Wow!  I haven't done this for so long that everything has changed.  My blog name didn't even automatically show up in my address bar as I was typing the name.  The format of this blog has changed too.  So much has happened: my baby is practically a big girl now, Bailey is 4 1/2 going on 16, summer has come and gone, birthdays have passed, and school is back in session!

There is no way that I can catch up on everything, but I'll try to hit all the major things (not that anyone cares, but some day I shall make a blog book and I want to get it all in).  My goal is to post all the fun pictures from the last 7 months.  Here I go!


Bailey turned 4 this year and had a Princess Party!  Her aunties dressed up as Princess Snow White and Princess Eternal.  Bailey got a new Cinderella dress for her party.

 So grown up!
 Toni is Princess Eternal because she's wearing my wedding dress!
 Even Keri's friends Brittany and Becca joined in on the princess fun and dressed up as Princess Mermaidia and Princess Belle!  You're never too old to be a princess :)
 Each of the girls got a photo session with the princesses.  Bailey loved it the most because she's kind of a poser :)
 Princess Hailey
 Princess Lilly was not to impressed with the princesses
 Princess Jordyn
 And now onto the dancing and presents!

Hailey gave Bailey a set of princesses in beautiful dresses and their handsome prince...
 she loved it!
 Jordyn got her a mini kitchen set complete with food, plates, and cups.
 Here's the little princesses
 And all the princesses in attendance, both big and small.
 We played a pop the balloon game that most of the girls liked.

 I love this one!
 Tera got Bailey an ice cream cake for her party!
 Bailey was so excited...
 she thought the mini princesses were made of chocolate.  Boy, was she sad when she realized they were only plastic, but good idea for next time :)
 I let her take a bite of the cake to make up for the shock.

Overall it was a great party!  The girls decorated crowns and wands and had a lot of fun.  It was a good distraction for the day.

Brooklynn turned 1!!
 Here she is not quite sure about what's going to happen.
 I figured I'd keep the outfit clean and just get the cute bib dirty.
 We Skyped with Keri for the cake destruction derby.
 All Brooklynn wanted to do was talk to Keri and give her hugs--forget about a cake when you have a super fun aunt!
 She doesn't realize you can't give hugs through the computer screen.
 Here's her cute little cake that the nice lady at the store made for us very last minute.
 She loved that we sang to her.  This girl loves her music!

 She was very timid at first and didn't know what to think.
 Every step of the way she had to check in with Keri; it was adorable.
 With a little coaxing from Papa and Bailey she decided to go in for some more.
 Now she realized it was both fun and delicious!
 My dad was trying to keep her neat and tidy and show her that it was more than frosting.
 You shove it all in girl!!
 Time for some Keri love!!
 And then she wanted to share with everyone.
 After a while, she decided to go in with her foot.  She's pretty good at kicking things, so why not?
 By then it was completely destroyed.
 I love how she's just rubbing in the frosting like it was lotion.
 She had to go one step further and turn what was left of the cake upside down.
 When we took it away, she was definitely sad.
 In the end, she was covered from head to toe in frosting.
 Bath time!  Look at how dirty the water is!

 All clean and in some new jammies.
 She had presents to open up, but she wasn't quite sure to do with them.
 She liked the ribbon on this one.
 Once it was open, all the big kids needed to show her how it worked :)
She also learned how to climb up the stairs on her birthday party!

At one year old, here's what Brooklynn was doing:
-crawling everywhere with no signs of walking soon
-crawling up the stairs
-loves to listen to her mom, or anyone, sing
-she knows how to sign more and please
-can say about 6 words: baba, baby, mama, dada, more, dodo (Doby)
-she loves shoes, her blankey, her paci, almost all food, and her mama
-she loves to watch Bailey play around and entertain her
-she has an extreme A-line haircut 

I love both of my birthday girls!!