Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knee High Headbands

It is well known that I love dressing Bailey for church on Sundays. Thanks to Sam, I have also learned the very fine art of making headbands from knee-high pantyhoes. I try to make Bailey a headband to go with every dress. Sometimes they turn out adorable, and others are kind of a flop. The past few weeks I've been going a little crazy matching her dresses. With her apple dress, I made a navy blue with red bow. Who wears navy blue knee highs? The bigger question is who still wears knee highs? Whoever does, I thank them because they make it possible for me to totally coordinate my daughter's outfits.
With her polka dot dress I made a white band with a blue bow. These pictures show her progression of melt down after 1:00 church.

Starting out very sleepy.

Next phase is not wanting to eat, but just sit in her high chair and be sad. She's not possessed, I just don't know how to turn on the red eye on my camera.

I love this last one because this is how she used to fall asleep when she was just a tiny little thing.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Found Fish

Yesterday we took the kids--Bailey, Kate, and Owen--to the kid pool at Lawrence Welk Resort. I put Bailey in one of her new big girl bathing suits and she looked adorable, but I wasn't quite sure how she would react. I think I found her new favorite thing--water! I carried her, at first, around all of the water things. She had no fear and would stick her head right in the water. I was wearing my cover up dress over my bathing suit because I thought I wouldn't get wet just walking around--boy was I wrong!! Bailey would get so excited she'd kick her little legs and flail her arms in the water until I was completely soaked. When I could tell that she clearly wasn't afraid of the water, I put her down on the ground and let her go. She crawled right up to the water and loved it. She would sit right underneath the giant shower and scream (a happy scream). It was so much fun to watch her play. Once she started to get a little cold, we went into the pool because it was like a giant bathtub. She jumped right into the water without a moments hesitation. I can already tell what we're going to be doing this summer. I'm not sure how much you can teach a one year old to swim, but we're going to do it! I think she would have stayed in the pool for hours, but her diaper was filled to the max and she was a wrinkly as an old prune. Swimming diapers are the next item I added to my shopping list.

How can you resist such an adorable face? This was her pre-swim lunch of yogurt. She loves yogurt, but more than the yogurt, she loves the container.

I don't know if this truly captures her excitement, but she's screaming because she loves it; I'm screaming because she keeps soaking me with water. (Please try to ignore me)

This is how Kate and Owen spent their time--drinking the water as it would shoot up from the ground. I guess there's enough clorine to kill anything really bad? :)

Both Bailey and Kate loved swimming around in the pool.

Here's my little pink daisy after her swim. She ate almost an entire tangerine by herself; she worked up quite an appetite with all her "swimming."